DredgerNaut is a measurement and visualisation system for the GPS positioning of mining equipment and the continuous documentation of mining progress in sand and gravel extraction sites.

The system is used

  • to determine the exact positioning of the mining equipment and suction pipe head, as well as to

  • document the amount of material extracted.


    • Efficient primary extraction

    • Targeted secondary extraction (post-dredging)

    • High output, even in sloped areas

    • Set up of “harmonious” terrain surfaces

    • Precise creation of increased slopes

    • Avoidance of over-dredging

DredgerNaut 4D+

With the DredgerNaut 4D+ option the base mining monitoring system DredgerNaut is extended by a Dual Axis Scanning Sonar.

When mining in deep areas (30+ meters) material is flowing from the slope zone towards the mining tool. Sonars with a static vertical orientation can only survey the ground directly beneath the mining tool. The 4D+ option achieves the customer requirement to record slope zone and material migration in distances up to 400 meters.


  • Depth measurement in half-space

  • Range 0.5 to 400 m

  • Horizontal angle 360°

  • Vertical angle 0 to -90°

A comprehensive system description can be found under Downloads.